Crash and burn

I’ve been going to the doctors every day since.. Saturday? Each of those visits were 2-3 hours long with the exception of one 4 hours wait and another 1.5 hours wait.

It’s mentally draining me now.

My infection is resistant to 2 out of 4 antibiotics. I was given the first two as a ‘just Incase these work’. This was before they figured out what was wrong.

I feel like I should be annoyed but I’m not. I understand the people waiting are sick too. I understand the doctors are working long hours. I understand that the nurses are working hard and are constantly on their feet for hours at a time. I understand that the receptionists are doing their job, while dealing with the occasional irate patient. I understand that the children are restless from waiting in a boring room.

The bright lights hurt my mind. I wish there was a blue light in the corner of the room to keep me feeling calm subconsciously. The chairs are uncomfortable and the clinics are poorly ventilated, resulting in a very muggy and smelly room.

I want this infection gone.

I’m so tired.

I have to stick with it though.

Don’t crash and burn.
Remember to breathe.

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