Routines and doing what you gotta do.

It’s my second week into studying. I’ve had to adjust quickly to my new timetable. I’m using my brain at least 25 more hours than I initially would. It’s tiring, in a good way though.

It’s been interesting going from doing nothing to have an almost full week.

Now that I have my study hours finalised, I have a more rounded idea of the hours needed. 20 hours in class and at least 20 hours self directed. I haven’t made a proper timetable but it’s a weight off my shoulder knowing what is expected (that’s odd right? you would think that knowing this, would make it more daunting). Maybe that’s what my problem has been. Being too scared to find out the bigger picture, in case I fail. With my work hours that i’ll need to factor in, I have most evenings and all of Sunday to find slots for studying.

Here’s what I’m thinking. At least an hour a day on each subject. A subject a day – 4 hours. Using Sunday to revise.
It makes more sense to dedicate an hour a day to each subject. I’ll do that 🙂 Does anyone have any advice for me? I’ve never tried to be this organised before. I want to do well. I’m dragging over the ladder, so I can pick the fruit at the top most of the tree.

i’ve been sick these past several days. I caught a cold from the doctors I’m assuming. I spent my weekend recouping and I’m still a bit sick now. Back in the old days (lol) I wouldn’t go into class if I felt the slightest bit sick. It would be my excise to stay home in my safe spot. I did it though, I turned up for class yesterday. It was hard and I struggled through the day and most of the last half. I’m pretty proud of myself. Unfortunately the world won’t wait for me even if I’m sick.

Another change – a routine. In the morning – I wake up, have a smoke, have a shower, get my back together and leave. This morning I even got up half an hour earlier than I usually would. I even had time to go over some stuff for my first class. This is a huge feat. My old routine consisted of sleeping until the early afternoon, not doing much else for the rest of the day. In the evenings I’m tired earlier than I used to be. I’ll brush my teeth, go to bed, assuming the sleeping position and rest for the next day. I would never say to myself before going to sleep – “we need to rest up for tomorrow, get all the sleeps that you can!”

I still feel well. Physically, no. I feel like crap but my mind is aware and awake.

I used to say to myself that i’ll never take feeling OK for granted.
Now I have to privilege of being well.

This is most definitely a gift that I won’t take for granted and will hold on to for as long as I can.

Like I said, the world doesn’t stop even if I’m sick.
It doesn’t stop even if I’m manic.
It doesn’t stop even if I’m depressed.
Time for healing is essential. Some people need more time to recharge than others.
Don’t get caught up though.

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