“Sorry, I’m not feeling well today”

It’s easy to feel guilty when you cancel or postpone plans because you are feeling unwell.. notice how I didn’t say sick?

Introversion and depression are the worst combination when it comes to social interactions and plans.

This how my family can tell I have a cloud looming over me.. it also signals that I don’t really feel like talking about it but I’d still like to keep you on the same page as me.

There’s a little voice that snickers; you can walk and breathe, you can still make it. How can you justify not stepping outside just because you’re feeling a little low?

I can’t help but feel a bit guilty. I had things I planned to do today but from past experiences I’ve learnt that forcing myself to step outside feeling unwell never ends well.

Easily overwhelmed 

Easily agitated

Easily upset

Easily just stay home instead.

I’ll be okay, I just need to recharge at home with my cat.

Your Garden of Welfare

Your personal welfare is like a garden. 

Different aspects correspond with different breeds of flowers, plants and insects. Happiness, family, love, passion, mental health and so on. Lastly and most worrisome of all – weeds and pests. All those icky things in life that you’d rather not creep up, yet manage to persist any way.

When weeds and pests pop up, you would want to use weed killer and pesticides to keep them from taking over your garden. 

Sometimes you can use too much or not enough. 

Use too little and the weeds and pests devour your garden. 

Use too much and you rid the garden of not only the icky things.. but you could also risk stunting or halting the growth of everything else that’s important. Or, you’ve used the wrong type of weed killer or pesticide and you harm your garden without harming all those bad things you want to get rid of.

Possibly leaving your Garden of Welfare almost barren.

You know the thing about gardens though, if you give each plant the right amount of nutrients that it needs, they can survive. 

Even if your garden is withering – even if plants have died, you can replant new ones. You could even replant stable plants. Change the set up. Move plants around. Rotate plants. Put plants that need shade to flourish in the shade. 

Feed the right plants the right nutrients and the right amount. Know how much pesticide or weed killer your garden needs.

Everyone has different sized gardens with different sorts of flora, placed in different assortments. 

What your garden needs will be different to what someone else’s needs.