Freedom of speech

All of my posts are usually about myself. This had the cogs in my mind churning though. After reading an article, I scrolled down to the comments. It made my blood boil and this was the result. I’ve linked the article at the bottom and my rant is in regards to comments made on Facebook by kiwis.

Commence rant!

This isn’t about whether we have the space or money to take in refugees.

What gets me about the comments under this article are comments like “we don’t want more Muslims” “they will do what they do in Australia, force their religion on us, cause crimes, drugs, guns etc” “they don’t integrate into NZ society”

People are good at running their mouths.

We don’t want more Muslims?
Says who?
Anyone, any race, any gender, can be Muslim. I bet people wouldn’t be saying that if people from Malaysia were seeking asylum here. Why? Because people are ignorant and uneducated. Because people seem to think Muslim is a race and religion put together.

They’ll do what they did in Australia?
Look around people. No one is safe. Terrorist attacks could happen anywhere. Piss enough people off and they’ll come running.
Also, do people read the news? Have they heard of Race Rallies that take place in Australia? Race riots? It’s a thing you know.
Google Reclaim Australia. Overzealous Anti-Islamists. If you have tax paying Muslims then let them have their Halal. You don’t have to eat it. Sharia law? That’s for your government to decide. Vote for someone who isn’t an idiot. As for the crime? Back that up with statistics against your own.
People on the streets always stop others to try and convert them, some even knock on your door. They leave a little musty smelling book. Do kiwis tell them to get out? No. Because so many kiwis are racist.

They don’t integrate into NZ society?
Can you blame them? With attitude like that, I wouldn’t want to mix with New Zealanders either if that was my initial impression. Some actually do. You just don’t know it.

I have met amazing Muslim people in my life. The ones that I have met, have been the most hospitable, warm, welcoming human beings I have ever met. Why let the news dictate your feelings on a large group of people, made of so many ethnicities, from different places in the world.

Go make friends with a Muslim person.
Find out how awesome they can be.

People don’t run away from war to start war. Least that’s what I like to think.

2 thoughts on “Freedom of speech

  1. O my goodness! I’m so pleased to read this post! You are right to accept these people… Difference is not a reason to reject a whole race! It’s absurd!
    You blood boils with ‘righteous’ anger… Mine too…
    I love your call to embrace.


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