Dusty Mollys

In my earliest blogs, I used to write about the several minty’s that ruled my conscious mind. I don’t write about them anymore because they’ve been put on a shelf. They’re in storage.

The other night I was talking to my mum. I told her that I didn’t feel like I could handle working my one shift a week.. on top of my full time study. We eventually agreed that I will stick it out.

Mum told me to leave Little Minty at home. She can be out from 8pm Saturday til 8am Monday morning. Little Minty is my inner self that needs a lot of nurturing.

She personified a couple new Mintys. “KFC Minty” and “IT Minty”. KFC Minty has almost impecible work ethics. She also named an IT Minty this is the studious one.

I said to my mum “KFC Minty” is on the shelf collecting dust. I put her there when I quit my last job. That’s when I realised the others were too.

My counsellor gave me an article some time ago. The writer talks about her inner egos and how they were a part of her.

As time goes by I’m realising that I have negative inner egos and also productive ones.

My Minty’s are lined up on the shelf are like dollys. Hence, Molly’s. Minty dollys! Some come out for play time. Some don’t.

We giggled when I said, oh! And smelly minty – Smolly! Lol

Life is a balancing act.
We’re always walking on a tight rope.

Edit: I read this post to my mum. She said to me that life isn’t always a tight rope. Sometimes it’s like a playground. Which totally makes sense if you’re taking dollys out to play.

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