Cool, Calm and Chaotic

I’ve found a new tool to get me to sleep at night.
I listen to classical music.
I prefer soft and calm music.
Chopin, Debussy and Joe Hisashi.

One morning on the bus I felt chaotic. My mind was a jumble of garbled feedback. I was listening to EDM and thought, what if I listen to my “zzz” playlist instead?

So I did and it helped.

It’s a small achievement in my books, being able to find a healthy distraction. Make that two achievements! They’re bigger than I give credit. Hitting two birds with one stone.

Sometimes my imagination and mind will get caught up in the music. I remind myself to focus on the notes and instruments.

My favourite feeling, is that relaxing calm before I fall asleep. That music does exactly that. It also helps to relax my chest, it feels like it’s deflating. In a good way though.

I am grateful for this.

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