Sorting and allocating priorities has never been a forte of mine.

As my week gets busier and my responsibilities grow, I’ve had to decide what to do and when. Sounds easy but what order do I give them?

On the weekends I go away to a home away from home. This is a place I go to unwind, relax and heal. There are no obligations down there. Just me, my mum and WiFi lol

I’ve started a new job today and I don’t have a set roster yet. Like most weeks before, I would travel there on a Friday evening. Work has asked if I want to go in tomorrow and possibly Sunday.

I know I need the money, although what I have earned today will get me through the week.

The rat race feels like an obligation. In a sense, it is. Some of it is essential. Money. How much money though? I know I don’t need to work a crazy amount of hours to get by.

Part of me tells me I should go, I’ll get more money for the week and be trained faster.

Part of me tells me that I don’t have to. I can make up for that in the coming week. I won’t have another weekend away if I work tomorrow. I need that time to heal and being able to savour it one more time would be good for me.

Sounds like a silly question.

What do I put first? The money? Or my well-being?

I know what I’m going to choose to do. I’m not going to work Saturday and Sunday. If I do then that I will have studied and worked 7 days straight by Sunday. Add on another 4 days at course and that will make 11 days. Thinking and writing it out is making more sense to me.

This weekend I will bid farewell to my home away from home.

I will recharge for the week ahead and get ready for what’s to come.

I’m going to put myself first.

Maybe my managers might not be impressed, I’ve proved that I will be a good worker though.

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