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I’m a true believer of karma. I’ve talked about it before. I don’t do deeds to accumulate good karma though, least not consciously. I do it instinctively 🙂

I had my orientation on the Friday just gone. After befriending a fellow classee, we talked about money. I was feeling hungry so I offered to get him food. Food is much better with company anyway.

Fast forward to today, I’ve put myself out there a bit more. Talking to more unfamiliar faces. Making small talk. The conversations are all the same.but I can’t help but want to get to know more people.

Oh yeah. What where was I going with this?

While waiting inside the shopping centre I sat myself down next to someone I’ve talked to today. As we were chatting I mentioned which part of the menu was my favourite. They got up, asked me if I was hungry and bought it for me.

Karma isn’t that straight forward.

If you help an old lady cross the street today, an old lady isn’t going to help you cross the street the next day.

The universe is finicky as best.

I’m still lapping up feeling stable.

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