Perspectives are subject to change.

I’ve been coming to the doctors for the past three days. Each day, 2-3 hours wait.

The first two days were fine. I was content sitting in the waiting room, watching kids play as their families waited for hours too. It amazes me how well behaved kids are here. I was happy to wait. Content with sitting. I understood that we were all waiting, had been waiting for a long time. I was enjoying watching the kids run around chasing each other laughing. Regardless of the ill people around me.
I would be seen, when I’d get seen.

Today I am hoha. Hoha is a Maori word. It has many meanings. All similar. I’m this situation. I feel irritable and tired. My fuse is short. I’m even kind of gritting my teeth in annoyance. I want to get out of here ASAP. It’s too warm in here. I want a nap. Hearing people talk is irritating me. I want to listen to my music loud with both ear buds in my ears, I have to listen out for my name though.

It’s interesting how, you can be in the same situation more than once. The variables are still the same. Yet you are not.

The waiting room consists of opal blue linoleum, turquoise doors and off cream walls that may have once been a bit brighter. The boards around the room are garnered with notices of the same colour palette as the room.
“Please do not abuse our staff”
There’s a curious dark blue gate on the far side of the room. I guess the staff room is back there and they must hide in there, away from irate sick people.

Oh hey, I just saw a kid cover their mouth as they coughed. Kudos! Seeing anyone cough without covering their mouths is my pet peeve lol

I’m having a brain fart right now. Too much is going on around me at once.

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