Dopamine is dope

I’m trying to quit smoking. It’s really hard! I know in my heart that I want to quit. Even my conscious me wants to quit. I’m addicted though.

I understand that addiction is partly dictated by how I’ve tampered with my brain by constantly seeking a pick me up, and partly, well.. me!

I find it fascinating how such a thing can affect the way the circuits in my brain work. I understand that addiction affects neurotransmitters and how they act within the limbic system. Dopamine eventually lessens as time goes by resulting in seeking out what ever addiction it is more and more.

My will has never been very strong but with the changes in my life , I need to fix this. The mintys in my mind tell me it’s okay, do what you need to do. But I tell myself I need this. I know I don’t but I want it.

It’s hard.

If I can give up my gaming addiction then I should be able to overcome this.

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