I’m ranting about boobs!

In an ideal world… Women wouldnt have to worry about the shallow things in the world. Beauty, media, body image.

This particular rant is about boobs.

Yesterday I put on a dress that I thought looked good on me, I felt comfortable in it. It was a bit tight around the bust, that can’t really be helped when you have fuller figure. Clothes generally aren’t tailored for big breasted girls or women whether they’re slim and busty or big and busty.

When I went out I’d notice people I was interacting with, glancing down often. This made me feel uncomfortable. When I was a teenager I lavished in that attention but these days, when I’m talking to someone I want them to pay attention to what I’m talking about.

This draws my attention to Rape Culture and how it’s relevant. I am a woman. I have breasts. They are apart of my anatomy. They are important for my physiology. Just like other parts of the body, they have an important role. I understand that they have been over sexualized in the world over years. That they are also an erogenous zone. Yet so is the back of someone’s neck, ear lobes, lips. I can’t fathom why someone would think that breasts and how they are presented, are an indicator to whether a woman wants to have sex.
As I exited my teens this became more apparent to me. I started wearing baggy clothes to hide my female curves. I don’t think that’s fair on myself anymore. I like my breasts and I will dress how I want to. I shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of my body by society’s standards.

Society is fucked up.

I hope the world evolves into a more compassionate place. To me these standards are emotionally immature. They’re a horrible excuse for shaming and intimidating.

I think part of me needs to stop caring about how people react. If I can get over people judging me before they know me because of my race then, I can get over people making unconscious or conscious judgements about me because of my curves.

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