Marvelous Minty

Today was a spectacular day!

It was productive and I was given very flattering compliments that really made me feel great. Some life plans are also syncing together.

Since starting my journey to wellness I’ve stopped taking “feeling okay” for granted. It’s something not often felt when you have an invisible illness. Today though, I felt on top of the world. I felt as if I wanted to strive for greatness and in my own way, I took advantage of it. I savoured the feeling.

I wish that I felt this was every day. I wish I could program myself to be this way all the time. I know realistically it’s not that easy though.

I know today was not a manic high. I know myself and today I wasn’t a manic crackhead high (I’ve never taken crack but from what I’ve heard – I’d compare my manic highs to that).

I felt upbeat and bouncey. I put a random playlist on from iheartradio (No Doubt :D) and sang away while I cleaned. It’s nice to feel high without being twitchy and panicked, while my heart thumps away at the speed of light.

I’m tired now though. I have had a great day and in my own little way I feel positive and accomplished. I feel like some plans are about to come to fruision soon.

I can’t say that tomorrow will be the same but I’m glad today was the way it was.

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