Self Sabotage

:/ <– That’s my face right now.

I have a job interview and I’m immensely nervous. I’m late too! I’d like to blame the train but this is a place for me to be honest, I just have really shit time management skills. Great first impression right? I had chances to be on time. I will make it there in the end. I called them to say I would be late, I thought it would only be appropriate, apart from the late thing.

I want to curl up in the middle of the train aisle and rock myself until my chest stops trying to push out of its cavities. Like a fake cake with a stripper in it except it would be more of a fat stinky old man. He wouldn’t sing happy birthday either! “Mintys in. Mintys in. Mintys in the rubbish bin!” (That’s the tiggy song right?)

Ugh. Why do I do this to myself. I want to say more but all I can think of is the pressure building up in my chest.

Self sabotage is the worst. I really hope I don’t have a panic attack.

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