The four little piggies! (I mean minties)

I’ve always likened the dwelling that the Mintys reside in, to be that of a Lion’s den, of some sort anyway. Kinda like a Pride. Keeping each other safe, cuddled up in a pile sometimes. Sheltered away. It’s a space where they can be themselves, away from prying and judgmental eyes.

The other day I mentioned a new voice. It didn’t sound like me but I recognise the feeling it gives me, perhaps its not a new voice but a forgotten one. I’ve recently realised through my weekly talks with my counsellor that I have dissociative tendencies. I don’t blame myself for trying to forget this persona if that’s the case.

If I were to describe this persona as a whole I would say.. that it lurks down the end of a long cave like tunnel. Jagged and moist walls. It smells of old moss and wet wood. Small sinister creatures peer through spaces between stalagtites, both on the ground and clutching to ones on the ceiling. It’s a place of foreboding. Red and orange eyes stare from the belly of the cave. Its all black, except for two piercing eyes, enveloped with fire and blood. I’m trying to think of what sort of creature it could be.. a Dragon.. a chimeran beast.. my horrible art teacher from 7th form (lol she wasn’t that bad) or maybe it’s just darkness. A dark cloud or maybe nothingness. A shapeshifter maybe. (Haha voldemort!)

I don’t want to name this persona. Words are things and I feel like I’ve given it too much recognition already. It’s hard to measure the size or length of this structure, it’s dwelling. I guess it would change accordingly depending on the circumstances. It sounds like it’s abode is a shapeshiter heh.

Actually you know. I just realised what I named this post and how it’s relevant to this persona.

The four little Mintys and the Big Bad Wolf.

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