The Minties have recently discovered that they really enjoy doing puzzles.

In a safe and comfortable space, they feel free to let loose in a healthy way that doesn’t hurt them or others.

Angry Minty loves listening to metal while she meticulously sorts different colours into different piles. If the pieces need to be orientated a certain way she will make sure that they are facing the right way up. She’s very anal retentive. Don’t bug her whiles she’s doing her thing haha

Little minty really likes listening to chillstep, trip hop and EDM. Anything that’s relaxing, ambient or upbeat and bouncy. Bouncy is such a good word for her! She enjoys analysing all the different pieces. Making mental notes of which particular pieces are where. Just in case she sees another that would fit it. She loves the edge pieces! And gets even more excited when she steps back and looks at how far the puzzle has progressed.

When I get like this I feel manic. Although I feel this way, I know I’m in a safe place. I feel comfortable and I can just let loose, in a set environment used for a set reason, doing a puzzle. As simple as that. It’s I’m like inducing the mania and exhausting it. When I leave the room I dont just leave that space physically but also leave that space in my mind too.

The Minties have been dabbling in art too. Only dipping toes in there at the moment though.

I keep mentioning safety. I guess it’s really important to me.

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