Demanding little minty

This happened last night. She wanted bacon and after hours of holding out I gave in. Then my mind went quite and I fell asleep.

Tonight I’m tired and I have a headache. Angry Minty is fast asleep with her back turned away. Little minty is being demanding again. Jumping up and down on a bed whining.

Little minty: I’m bored. I’m hungry. I want sausages. You bought chorizo sausages yesterday. I love chorizo sausages!!! Let’s eat it!!!!

Sometimes when I think of her I imagine her bouncing off the walls on a sugar high. Like a little kid with cabin fever. I haven’t kept myself busy this week. I’ve felt fatigued so I’ve slept a lot and barely moved from my cubby I’ve made I the lounge, on a mattress infront of the tv.

Grown up minty:  I’m tired little minty. We had dinner earlier. You don’t need food, we’re not hungry and its late.

Little minty: come on. I’m you, you’re craving it too! Give in 🙂 it’s yummy!!

I’ll probably give in soon. Now I feel hungry but am I actually hungry?

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