Meet the Mintys! [Part 2]

Anxious Minty

This Minty came to light when I was in high school and was most prominent in my first year of studying Nursing. She likes to tell me that I’m not good enough. She’s scared and holds back. She doesn’t like large crowds, driving or important obligations such as working or important assignments. She is the procrastinator. Afraid of failing so she doesn’t try in order to avoid this. She’s very self conscious.

Sometimes the other A.E’s (alter-egos) try to comfort her. She’s really irrational though. Making up scenarios which scares her.

Grown up Minty

This is me now. Aware of the war inside me. I want to grow and flourish. Work, study and be happy. I want to better understand myself and hopefully one day these Mintys will fade into me, becoming a more cohesive me.

One night my mind was quiet. I imagined my Mintys curled up keeping each other warm. Like a Lions den. My Mintys live in a lion’s den. How appropriate I thought to myself. Each Minty fighting for dominance over each other. Yet still trying to live together.

The mind is a funny thing. Don’t you think?

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