Who is Kruiizemunt?

I am a normal person. I live life one minute, hour and day at a time. I have loved ones who love me. Like most though, I battle my demons and they counter my attacks with huge effort.

I asked my psychotherapist if the voices in my head are a normal thing. Without prejudice we psychoanalysed the several alpha-alter-egos and sub-alter-egos.

Kruizemunt is Dutch for spearmint. Another dissosciative way I’ve decided to deal with myself. Why? Everyone knows me as Minty. I’ve named these alter-egos after me, because in essence. They are me. Bits and pieces of myself scattered through time. They try to protect me. Like protective people.. they unknowingly become enablers. They argue with each other and hopefully dialoging their arguments, conversations and daily goings on, It will better help me understand them and have them work together to benefit myself and them.

They’re stronger and louder than me. I want us to work together.

Wish me luck!

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