Meet the Mintys! [Part 1]

Little Minty

She is the loudest of the lot. Her age can vary between 5 years old to 9 years old.

She’s spoilt, impulsive and chatty. She can be pretty hypo at times and keeps me up with rants and garble. She is the younger derivative.

She has a dark side too. As she swaps to an older derivative of herself she becomes dark. Like younger little minty she is also a bit spoilt and gets frustrated when she feels like she isn’t getting her way. She is apathetic, lonely  and exercises a lot of self-pity. She feels as if escaping is a good vice. Whether it’s through gaming or sleeping. At about 9, I found Runescape. An online RPG. Another world, another me, the perfect escape.

I’ve just realised, as mild as my manic highs and lows are. This is little minty. She keeps me up for days at a time. Then puts me to sleep for long periods at a time.

Angry Minty

Angry Minty is… Well, angry. At the world, herself and almost everyone in it. She is in her tweens, entering the awkward years of puberty. This was just before the emo fad emerged. It didn’t stop others labelling her one when it swept the world. She liked heavy metal, dark make up and funny coloured dyed hair.

At this time I also found new escapes. Some healthy, some not. I began self harming around this time. Cutting was my choice of poison and it served as a numbing agent. Pausing my feelings even for a moment, giving me a rush too. I was dealing with a case that had gone to trial over a man who had abused me as a very young child. I also became a lot more creative. I wrote poetry, painted, drew and sometimes started writing stories. They were always dark. Revolving around, pain, hate, anger and zombies!

My attempts at hiding away and escaping became very unhealthy around this point. This has grown into other forms of self-harm. My gaming is excessive and effects my life now. I have no sense of self control and moderation when it comes to anything. Drinking and eating especially. To me, these are forms of self-harm.

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